Hannah van Luttervelt


Hannah van Luttervelt graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven at the Man and Leisure department. With her projects she is exploring new futures and raising questions and awareness about everyday themes. Her solutions are frequently shaped as small playful changes into existing systems which trigger exponential effects. Hannah is a playful designer that seeks games and humor in any of her projects. Her method to inspire people is to tempt them to participate and equip them with the tools to experience. Her projects ask for your involvement which reveals the ridiculous and beautiful sides of life.






Photography & video co-product with,

Pleun van Dijk

Michele Degen

Gyalpo Batstra



No Money Sector Lieke Janssen

No Money Sector Ronald smits

Playing with weapons Femke Reijerman




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Daalakkersweg 14-36

5641 JA Eindhoven

KVK 65228987